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About US!

Primarily serving West Virginia and Virginia, Clean Air Solutions Inc. is family owned and operated and has specialized in the HVAC air filtration industry for over 13 years.  We customize our service to your specific business need, as each businesses operation is unique, and the environment in and around your business creates a need of its own.  Our customers are important to us, and our team believes in providing a valuable service while maintaining an individual relationship with you and your business so that we can ensure we are serving you in the best way possible.

Who are we?

One of the most important-yet sometimes confusing-parts of an HVAC system is the air filter.  At its most basic function, an air filter removes impurities such as dust, dirt, and even bacteria from the air flowing through the system.  Not only does the filter improve air quality within your business space, but it also protects your HVAC system from damage.

Clean Air Solutions is a service company with one specific specialty-the periodic changing of air conditioning/heating filters for commercial business operations.

Our objective is simple: Provide a cost effective, high-quality, responsive service that reduce the clients monthly operating costs, extends the useful life of the client’s air conditioning/heating equipment, and reduces the risk of poor health caused by bad indoor air.


Clean Air Solutions has three major advantages over its competition:

  1. Although each business has a specific filter efficiency and filter replacement need, Full-service companies have standardized, quarterly filter replacement service, regardless of the business environment.  Full-service companies must prioritize their service calls and mechanical preventative maintenance, so filter changes are dictated by mechanical needs. Filter replacement is always at the bottom of the list when compared to compressor replacement, fan adjustments, furnace servicing, etc.  Clean Air Solutions takes a proactive and individualized approach that provides scheduled filter changes based on the specific needs of each business.
  1. We use only custom fitted steel frames and custom cut polyester filter materialsThe steel frames prevent warping and the resulting air leakage that often occurs around cardboard frames.  The polyester filter material is far superior to the standard fiberglass filter used by most full-service companies.  While fiberglass filters typically trap only 7% of the dust and other particles that circulate through your system, our polyester filters eliminate 86% of indoor pollutants in your business environment.  This difference translates into direct benefits in the form of longer service life on your equipment as well as lower energy costs.  It also provides substantial benefits to the environment in the form of fewer airborne germs, lower levels of contaminants, less air pollutant generated from business operations and equipment, and a reduction of allergens in the air.
  1. Clean Air Solutions is a franchised operation that specializes in filter replacement.  Our costs are much lower, so our service is more cost effective. Our clients are important to us and we are committed to fast, responsive, friendly service!

Call us today and with no cost or obligation we will inspect your filters, show you samples of our materials, and discuss the benefits of our service to you.

Did you know?

More than two thirds of your monthly energy costs are consumed by your heating and cooling requirements?

Your heating/air conditioning system acts as a building wide vacuum cleaner, and recycles more than 90% of the dust, smoke, and other particles inside your operation?

A dirty or clogged filter in your air conditioning/heating system can reduce efficiency by 50% and increase your operating costs by 11%?

Most air conditioning filters collect only 7%-10% of the dust that passes through your system?

A dirty air conditioning/heating filter can cost you $30-$50 per month for each unit in operation.

The standard service contract for air conditioning and heating systems does not include regularly scheduled filter changes?

Dirty air conditioning and heating filters can cause serious health problems and lead to expensive litigation for commercial enterprises?

The common fiberglass filter can contribute to lung cancer and other respiratory ailments?



Clean Air Solutions provides a service that offers:

Automatic periodic replacement of all air conditioning/heating filters at your business-you never need to make a call or worry about changing your filters.

Customized steel frames that to prevent warping and air leakage around filters.

Custom fitted filters made of polyester material-this means tighter filtration and no cancer-causing fiberglass particles in your system

Lower maintenance and energy costs and longer service life on air conditioning and heating equipment.

A cleaner air environment for your business, customers, and employees!