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One of the simplest things you can do for the cleanliness and overall productivity of your paint booth is replacing intake and exhaust filters on a routine basis. Clogged or overloaded filters hinder proper airflow. This causes dust or overspray to recirculate and affects the finish of your paint job. Regularly changing spray booth filters decreases the likelihood of equipment failure. It also helps ensure your spray booth is operating efficiently and keeps the production costs of your shop low.

It is also important to ensure your paint operation meets health and safety standards required by the NFPA and OSHA. In more severe situations, clogged filters may create flammable or explosive conditions. With so many different styles and brands, paint booth filters will reach their target reading and require replacement at varying rates. These rates depend upon the paint type, spray booth design, fan speed, temperature and spray equipment.

When it comes to routine maintenance for a paint booth, the most important item to check off your list is the filter change. Your filters will need to be replaced periodically, and it is important to stay on top of this maintenance item. Do not skimp on filter changes. A dirty filter can negatively affect the efficiency of your paint booth as well as the health and safety of your workers. Each filter will last for a certain number of spray hours before it needs to be replaced.

It can be tough to know how often you should change the filters in your paint booth.  The best way to make informed decisions about your paint booth air filters is to make sure that you understand all of the factors affecting the life of each filter.  Call us today and with no obligation, we will inspect your paint booth, show you samples of our materials, and discuss the benefits of our service to you.

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Fiberglass Paint Arrestor Info

  • 98.21 percent average removal efficiency
  • Progressive density weave, all-purpose filter media.
  • Suited for heavy paint coating and woodworking applications.
  • Commonly used for paint booth exhaust.

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