Vent Cleaning

Vent Cleaning

Aside from cleaning or replacing air filters regularly, vents and covers should also be checked to ensure that dust, dirt, bacteria, and contaminant isn’t building up. We don’t often put too much thought into them, but vents and covers are small but mighty items when it comes to both your HVAC system. While most of your HVAC is hidden, the vents allow air to pass through open areas. They are an important part of the system cleans your air and heats and cools your business.

Depending on your business environment, a variety of particles and material can build up on your vents and covers. Dust is the most common build up you will see on your vents and covers. You may even notice specks coming out of the vents when the HVAC system is turned on.

 If you take a closer look, you may notice other materials.  When the vents and covers collect dust over time, it would become matted dust, and that’s harder to clean. When you notice that your vents are starting to collect or emit visible dust, the vents need to be cleaned before the problem gets worse.

One of the causes of build-up on vents and covers is actually the room where the vent is placed. All around the room, there could be dust, dirt, and other particles that get mixed up in the air. The conditioned air from your HVAC system would interact with these dirt particles, causing the dirt buildup along the edges of the vent and covers. Too much or very little moisture also affects the vents and covers. With excessive moisture, sticky particles in the air may end up lingering in the vent, forming dirt. When the air is too dry, on the other hand, dirt particles may be attracted to surfaces. 

Build-up on vents and covers can negatively affect air flow and the quality of air in your business. This can also cause you major concerns, including mold and pest infestation. Most companies only clean vents and covers as part of more extensive, and expensive, duct cleaning service.  We focus on the point of your system where air is transitioning into and out of your business environment and is coming into contact with another surface, the vents and covers. Call us today and with no cost or obligation we will inspect your vents and covers and discuss the benefits of our service to you.

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